Friday, August 20, 2010

Artsy Fartsybird Velo

I have finally had the creative outpouring I've been waiting for. Like when that underground zit finally turns into a whitehead. Whoops, was that too graphic. I have been painting my whole life, everything ranging from little gimpy horses when I was a little girl, dreamy surf scenes, including Pee-Chee folder waves in high school and college, and now cycling has grabbed hold of my brush.
The painting above was actually a screen print I made for t-shirts. The screen sneaked over to the blank painted canvas and voila! This one is Franco Ballerini, done after I read the Paolo Bettini story in Procycling earlier this year.
This is my interpretation of Andy Hampsten on Passo di Gavia in the '88 Giro. The first real piece of cycling history I read(ever actually) that really made me want to get out and suffer. I was proud to be a cyclist. It made me feel like I could conquer any hill in any weather and it made me quit bitching when my fingers got a little numb.
This is a little series about about vintage bike bits. I'm a big supporter of simplicity so that's why I went for the two tone color scheme and simple line drawing. I love the 60's and 70's cycling era. The Brooks saddle was because I have a soft spot for beautiful English craftsmanship.
I needed a bag to bring back bagels and goodies from Panera so I started making musettes. My other bags were successfully sold to yard sale hounds.
I recycle my jars and keep the lids, so I have a box full of spaghetti sauce, pickle, and jam jar lids. I have magazines laying around with lots of pretty pictures. And I have a ton of resin in the garage because I tend to aim my surfboard toward rocks, concrete parking space blocks, random trash cans, and little kids' heads. This is what came out of it all, fridge magnets, or tool box ornaments if you're so inclined.
Last but not least the start of my T-shirt collection. I mentioned before that I love to suffer, and what first comes to mind: Belgian One Day Classics. This is one of my favorite designs.
I make designs that I enjoy and would want to wear but can't seem to find . All t-shirts were screen printed by hand. There are a couple missing but these are the First Year collection. Francois is the little fellow on the right, Freebird Velo's mascot. They have since been updated and be on the lookout for the new and improved Francois.

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