Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 1 of 30 Days of Biking

First week of 30 Days of Biking is in the books. It was a week filled of new roads and challenges (how do you pack 3 tomato plants on a bike?). I finally got to visit at the little store I always pass on my lunch ride. I stopped a lot more too, whether it was to pet random cats, calling goats over to me or looking at/picking up random road debris (peacock feather, 2 $1 bills, avocado). I laughed a lot more too, which seems impossible. During my Saturday ride I wondered if a ride could be any more fun, if it was indeed possible I think it would be considered illegal. I have to say I'm really enjoying it, but we'll see what I say after next week. Increased saddle time and more time climbing. Onwards and upwards darlings. So here without further ado is my cycling week in a nutshell, enjoy:
April 1, neighborhood adventure
April 2, 1st real ride after 3 weeks of cold from Hell
April 3, running errands and picking up heirloom tomatoes
Good 'ol Mabel pulling duty as tomato hauler
April 4, highlight of ride: heard a peacock. Yeah, not too
much happened today.
That's one tough-ass poppy plant.
April 5, ran down to get lunch and stop by our LBS.
We have a very dedicated mechanic, and it's not even finished.

April 6, best ride of the week...
and not because Ms. Kinky let me pet her.
April 7, too much coffee at brunch and pseudo Belgian waffles
made me opt for a short tour of the neighborhood.
But I did get a glimpse of this little lady. Photo does not
do her color justice, she looked like a sophisticated june bug.

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