Sunday, April 29, 2012

The End of 30 Days

The end of my 30 Days of Biking experience

I have failed and the sad thing is it's not bothering me. I did not officially complete 30 Days of Biking, but you know what, I've never felt stronger in the saddle, and that's why I'm cool with it. I rode 21 days straight, but last week I put some time in helping Hubby at work and lost focus. Bless you amazing people for keeping a 9-5 job, plus being able to put the miles in during the week. Time management was never a strong suit of mine.
Part 1 of favorite road in Redlands.
You can hit 35 mph pretty quick,
plus it's twisty.

Monday is the 30th so I need to make it count, I'm feeling a nice long early morning ride, followed by a big ass cinnamon roll. I've laid some pretty good ground work this month and I'm looking forward to some real riding in May. Plus I hope to be at the last three stages of the Amgen Tour of California so make sure and check back. 
Part 2 of Favorite road in Redlands.
And not just because there's avocados
on the side of the road. 
Finally had some company. Hubby joined
me on a quick jaunt out to the airport and back.

This was parked towards the top of a 20 degree hill.
It was worth it.

I'm a sucker for a good plaque. 
It was hot and there were breaks.
 I only brought one water bottle which
reached bath water temperature
within 20 minutes.

Beautiful things with too many bees.
Had a risqué encounter with a bee later on.
It involved him stinging my back and me
giving a strip show on side of road.
Another perk of riding with Hubby is stupid
photo ops. I have to choose them wisely though.

Hands down my favorite tree in Redlands.
Well, favorite oak, next week I'll share my favorite pine.


  1. You did better than me - 19 consecutive days here. About to head out for one last spin and that's my #24dayofbiking (I think) complete.

    We did good though, right?!

  2. I think it's great, as long as we get out there. I did my last ride of the month today and as usual I ended up having fun. Didn't get my big-ass cinnamon roll though.