Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Week 2

Week two of 30 Days of Biking is done and my booty made it into the saddle everyday. I am happy to say this thing may actually be helping my fitness. How come I always sing that one Fergie song when I say 'fitness?' Oh yeah, Fergalicious. I had to watch that video, now I have severe depression cause my abs are only 2 packs.
Well, like I said in my last blog I feel super strong, like She-Ra strong. There was a mix of sun and rain this week, and the raindrops did not dampen my spirits. Beginning of the week started off with a dipshit move: fell over at a 4 way stop full of cars. I got off balance waiting for an old lady to take her turn. Ended up with a swollen knee and a pretty scab. Rest of the week was uneventful, but so much fun. I'm wondering how much more enjoyable rides can get, my head's gonna explode.
Monday's Beautiful.
The official Portland cap,but actually from Seattle.
It produces precipitation whenever I wear it.
Wednesday was slippery, check out how
shiny these babies are.
Took an easy day, think I called this a
boozy cruisey before dinner.

Cute gate to nowhere.
Another wet day, and not matching at all.

Yep, that's my hiney, got sick of taking photos
from overhead and sideways.
I just want to get home, it's pasta time.
Is artsy fartsy, no?

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