Monday, April 11, 2011

Mixing Business With Pleasure

San Diego Custom Bike Show, Bike Jumble, and Gran Fondo this weekend. I have to owe it to my hubby, not too many men would give up their weekend to help sit behind a table pedaling their wife's wares to bike show attendees. Actually it was just Saturday, Sunday we did the Gran Fondo, although I don't know which was worse for him. 60 miles is kind of hard on a body after a shabby winter of riding, add to that a crappy saddle (I will not mention which one he has but it looks like it could use some viagra), not the happiest of bums, that's for sure.

Our Post For 6 Hours
No One Bought My $25 Banana
Bilenky's Infamous Shelly Horton
My Personal Favorite, Winter Bicycle's Cross Bike (Sweet and Simple)

Back to the show, kind of small. I was too cheap to buy a booth at the show so I opted for the Bike Jumble. It unfortunately was not like the ones that go on in New York. We had 8 vendors total, and it was upstairs from the show. If you don't know about it, it's a bike swap meet, were you can buy whole bikes, bike parts galore, bike related crafts, anything cycling. This one was like that, just on a more miniature, half-assed scale. My table was next to the big window and I got to watch Bilenky do a photo shoot in front of a fountain. That was the highlight for Saturday.

More Than Halfway Through on Sunday

I Got Chocolate GU on my Jersey (front and back)
Therefore Hubby Called me Shit Tit For 26 Miles

The Gran Fondo was good, medio route wasn't completely flat but it didn't kill you either. I'm curious how the 100 miler was. Not that I was ready for it by any means. Couldn't ask for better weather. I don't think it got hotter than 80 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. Well, after the marine layer burned off, once that happened my fingers started gaining feeling. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend doing it, friendly people, it's organized pretty well, and we didn't get lost. Good sign placement. Only thing I would change is the finish line. You have to cross 3 lanes of busy traffic to turn into the expo/finish line. My hubby used this to his advantage, he knows I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to heavy traffic. Little bugger went on red to get to the finish line first. His trash talking came to fruition. C'est la vie.

Yep, It's a Pup
I Saw The Great American Hero(Google if you don't know him) in Chula Vista

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