Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Want a Dog Named Fausto

I'm an American. Am I happy about it? Yes. Do I sometimes daydream about being born into a Tuscan family, raising olives and taking my truffle sniffing dog named Fausto out into the woods, hunting tasty fungus? Yes I do. I have an unhealthy at times, passion for all things Italian. Whether it be cycling related, food, travel(at some point), and their wonderful use of the coffee bean. I hope by some karmic coincidence, if I submerse myself in all things Italian I will come back as an Italian, hopefully still female with a bigger rack, and thick, shiny, lustrous hair, oh, and still have my passion for cycling. I understand the rack might interfere with my aerodynamics but I'm willing to take a chance.

Before I turned into an Italo-phile (is that right?) and I started looking for my first road bike, I checked out our LBS, Cyclery USA. I've been going there since my first bike. For my first road bike I test rode a Trek 1.5, I think, it was white with neon green. I never put a leg over a road bike in my life until that day. It was like that bike was made for me. It felt surprisingly good, even after being on cushy mountain bikes. I have to owe it to Trek or my body geometry, I don't know which, but they do make a well made, handsome bike. You see, Treks are handsome. Bianchi's on the other hand are georgeous. After watching this video it reminded me of the first time I test rode that atomic pea green Trek. I also like hearing Fabian talk about his first time on the cobbles, makes me appreciate him even more.

I will say Trek-Leopard is taking a lot of crap for their kits but I like 'em. The blue/green band kind of looks like celeste.


  1. me too like the Leopard kit, as well as their bike colours, actually the're my favourite amongst the pro tour peloton (also, I think their helmet's colours would fit our Bianchi's well :-)

  2. I agree that the kit is crying out for the team to be riding Bianchis. It's very smart, classic, classy and retro-vintage and, of course, the colour is almost spot on.
    Even though I've long past the years of wearing someone else's race jersey I still find these very tempting. Perhaps it's a cyclical journey from Fred to racer and back to Fred...

    sigh... I bet the Italians don't have these hangups. :-)

  3. Maybe one day well see Bianchi back in the big boy peloton, until then we're stuck with the walking billboard of team Androni-Giocatolli. That is one replica kit you won't see me wearing, Bianchi or not.

  4. Let's see them at the Giro...
    (go Jose Serpa, go !!!)