Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Cursed Kit

As you might of known I signed up for the women's public race during the Redland's Bicycle Classic. Bigger turnout than last year for sure, which is a good sign. 4 girls in the 18-35, 4 in the 36-44, and one lucky lady in the older group. I will not say which group I was in but there were 4 girls in it, nough said. So the field doubled from last year and I actually had some competition. Not really. They were all sweet ladies, very nice, and I half wanted to ride slow to be a one woman cycling morale booster. Just riding from one little woman to the next, urging her on. Back to the race.

I decided on my I. Martin, Belgian kit because Tour of Flanders was going Sunday. Big mistake. I'm superstitious, I knew putting it on I shouldn't be wearing it. Every time I wear it for a race or sportive something crappy happens. I'm either bringing up the rear in a crit or riding the San Diego Gran Fondo in 2 inches of rain. Don't get me wrong I won my age class. The fact is I lost a 6 mile race to a woman wearing a Bike Chick jersey, and nose ring. Don't let those power bottom chicks fool you. Ooooh, the humiliation, the mental anguish. I replayed the could'a, would'a, should'a scenarios in my head over and over.

How it came down is simple.

First lap- 3 riders- I sit behind

Second lap- loose a rider- sit behind Bike Chick

Third/Fourth lap- I'm an all day sucker baby

Final lap- she took off, I didn't realize it was lap 5. Chased her but couldn't get her wheel. Ugh.

I blame Todd Gogoulski. He did the race announcing and I felt guilty seeing him because I bad mouthed him on the blog saying he and Steve Schlanger sound like a morning radio duo. So now I have bad Gogo karma. I actually felt honored having him announce our race. I take back my comments. All in all, I had fun which is what it's about. Keeping it fun at this level is a good way to keep and bring more women into the sport.


  1. Very well done, freebird!
    Pretty cool style in the Belgian "tricolore" outfit (and of course on the Bianchi celeste bike), though I kinda like the "biker chick" kit too... :-)

  2. Thank you, although the sight of that little chick is still burned into my brain.