Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Van Envy

Drool Worthy
I love VANS. Always have always will. I know they get a bad rap, but when you think of it, they are probably the funnest vehicle on the road, and so useful. Are you stuck without a roof over your head for the night, no problem, you got a van. Do you have to pick up a years supply of Dr. Pepper from Costco, no problem, you got a van. Can't decide to take your Mtn bike or road bike to Mammoth this summer, no problem, load those puppies up. Yep, vans are pretty much the most perfect vehicle ever created.Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about mini vans or conversion vans. For me, all years of VW camper vans (Westfalia and Eurovans) are top of the heap, 50's and 60's dodge vans are a close second, but too rare for proper use. I'd feel guilty using it. But pretty much any little camper van will do.

I've had a sick obsession with them since I was little. I grew up camping in big RV's with the family and that's probably where it started, but I wanted my own ride. Something smaller, something just for me and my stuffed animal collection. Well, nowadays it would be for me and my Hubby and pups. There's something about the coziness and ease of a van that draw me to them. My love for them has never dwindled, every time I see one on the road my eyes are locked, daydreaming that it's mine and I'm on my way to some magical destination, like Dollywood or Portland. I remember I freaked my Mom out when I was in college. I was questioning her about motor homes, government, and how can they find you if you don't have a mailbox. She probably heaved a sigh of relief when I got married years later.

These vans will not be shown. I deem them unworthy.
Although the bottom one has potential.

So if you come back to the Blog expect to see a random picture or two of vans, as seen on the road or Internet. Just a warning, there will be no conversion vans, only camp worthy vans here. The older the better, but I'm not above showing Mercedes Benz sprinters.

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