Sunday, January 22, 2012

T-shirt Issues

Speaking of t-shirts: new designs available on the FreeBird Velo Etsy shop.

I have a confession to make.

I have a sick obsession with t-shirts. I've had this problem since I was a teenager. I remember going on vacation with my parents to Hawaii in '91. I had bought so many tees I had to buy a second suitcase to bring them home. I should of known then that I had issues. Over the years it got worse. Nowadays though a great number of my tees have been handed over to Goodwill, but my favorites have a place of honor in my closet and dresser. T-shirts are a way of reminding you and showing others were you've been. It's a way of sharing your beliefs. They're not just advertisements, they're a way to let people know your interests and sometimes a conversation starter. I compiled a list of my Top 5 t-shirts in rotation right now. If the house was on fire I would grab: Hubby, the cat, pups, bikes and these tees. I got my top 5 but I also added some special mentions, they all have a place in my heart.

All time favorite, unfortunate run in with
bleach and taco grease has put it on the bench.
Picked this up at the Rapha shop up
in San Fransisco. I love vintage vans but I love
Citroen's even more. A must have.
A small surf company from Newport beach.
Wearing this shirt is like being hugged by a
giant bunny. Super soft and cuddly.

This one is a given.

New to my line up and a close runner up
for softest tee,
Gage & Desoto/Embrocation.

Runner Ups:

Bought at Heathrow airport. I think they should pass these out as you board the plane. Everybody has one but I like that it reminds me that I need to get back to Europe, soon.

Favorite concert tee. It's in a tie with my old Pixies tee but I wear this one more. This concert was at the Palladium, which was pretty cool, but not as good as seeing them at the Hollywood Bowl where they played with the LA Philharmonic. I still think about that concert, so good.

Picked up on a family ski trip to Breckenridge. I recognized this shop from a photo in Powder magazine, or maybe it was Skiing, I can't remember. Had a cool conversation with the guy inside. The shop is so tiny it can only hold three people, so with him,me, and my Hubby it was a pretty cozy conversation.

Classic tee. Thomas Cambell is an artist/filmaker. This was one of his first movies. He helped create a whole new genre in the surfing world. Surfing everything and anything, being creative, and not being concerned with contest results. Oh, and the tee is super soft too.

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