Monday, January 16, 2012

Leaving Vegas Empty-handed

Took a trip to Las Vegas this weekend. It was in hopes that my Hubby could pick up a vintage moto at a price too good to be true. Unfortunately the prices were very true and we left empty handed. Hubby felt slightly depressed, and I kind of happy because I can find SWAG at any event. Got a key chain, poster and magazines. Score!
Harley Davidson Board Track Racer
(I never knew they raced motos on the boards,
you learn something new everyday.)
Another Harley Bicycle.
(There were only 5 bicycles being sold, all HD's)
Harley Davidson Early 1920's Bicycle + Light

The rest of the weekend was spent winning, loosing, winning, and loosing. I think I came out ahead though. I have money in my wallet so all is good. My Mom taught me the fine art of lurking for slot machines, so I did learn something useful this weekend. Can't wait to get back in the saddle, need to start putting some miles in these legs 'o mine. Plus I've been dying to use my Rapha rain jacket. I'm ready for some winter weather.

Yep, 1 glass of wine,
nothing but class here.

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