Friday, December 30, 2011


What the Fudgesicle!?

2011 is hours from being finished. As I write this I’m sitting in the Audi dealership lounge. I’ve got 4 hours to reminisce about this past year while waiting for my Hubby’s car to get serviced. These awards are meant for those riders, subjects, and products that made us want to get through this past year as fast as possible. Like you're trying to outrun that little wiener dog wearing the Burberry coat. Sorry personal experience. I chose the name SLOW LEAK, because it’s that annoying feeling you get when you’re fully kitted, bottles in cage, gloves and glasses are on, but you push down on the rear tire and it’s probably 55 psi. Oh, what the?! You filled it up before yesterdays ride, so you know something naughty has made its way into your kicks.

So without further ado, I give you the FBV SLOW LEAK AWARDS:

The "Just Go Away" Award goes to:
Alberto Cuntador
The "I hope the Yeti bites your nose " Award goes to:
Angelo Zomegnan
The "Take a bite of my Vegemite sandwich/
always a bridesmaid/get some muscle tone"
Award goes to:
the Schleck Brothers
The "What the f*&k are you thinking?!, Grow a pair"
Award goes to:
Anyone over the age of 18 who dresses up for
10 seconds of fame at the risk of causing a
Pro-cyclist vs Barney the Dinosaur altercation
The "Do we really need this, I'm a crusty old curmudgeon "
Award goes to:
Shimano and oooh I hate to say this,
Campagnolo Electronic components.

The "I finally forgot about you, and now you're back,
just like a sleazy ex-boyfriend" Award goes to:
Alejandro Valverde

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