Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011's Top Fuel for my Rides

Last lazy afternoon of 2012. Lounging about watching Dumb &Dumber thinking back to all the amazing rides I've had this year, half wishing I was out right now but I overdosed on Minty Melts from Trader Joe's. What made my rides so special? What made me stand in the doorway with a Cheshire cat grin after a 5 hour Bataan Death Ride? even though all I really wanted to do was collapse face down in the front yard. Yep, good times were definitely had this year. I compiled a little list of items that fuel my desire to get out and ride, things that keep me coming back for more.

Going on caffeine fueled adventures
make me super giggly and super fast.
New Components
I don't know what to say,
Campagnolo is Heavenly.
Lazer Helmets and Continental Gator Hardshells
I don't have a mushroom head anymore, yay!
and I don't get flats while out riding.
A new bike can change your perspective,
it can also make you jones for
a race season still a year away.
Goats, horses, cows, kitties, llamas,
speedy wiener dogs, and pot bellied pigs.
All creatures great and small,
I take pictures of them all.
Above Category bike shop
I had dreams about these Pegoretti's.
This shop will keep you day dreamin
even 6 months after your visit.
Tommy Voekler
A rider worth emulating.
And I do, imaginary breakaways,
tongue waggling away.
GU Peppermint Stick
GU makes my favorite gels, but this
is peppermint magic in your mouth.
Happy ride indeed.
Early morning rides were made safer
and warmer by way of Hi Vis booties.
Thank you Embrocation Cycling Journal
for making flouro semi cool.
Tour of California, Mount Baldy Stage
I think it's Bernie Eisel, doesn't really
matter I guess, this view's
pretty good though.

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