Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Coming! The Big Sale is Coming!

It's almost here everybody, the SALE OF EPIC PORPORTIONS is a couple of days away. I need to clear out older stock to make room for new designs. What makes this sale so EPIC? Here, take a peek at what will be happening this weekend:

-Half-off all pre-printed* t-shirts (*sample t-shirts used for photos, advertised size only)

-Free FBV t-shirt with the purchase of any art work

-New t-shirt designs at one time amazingly low prices

-New paintings! buy 'em now for investment, you never know, I may
become famous, plus you get a free t-shirt.

-Feel good about your purchase knowing you're supporting a
homegrown cycling company. Good Karma is priceless.
Freebird Velo is a one girl operation. I'm the one girl, a self professed cycling addict who loves to create. FreeBird Velo HQ's is based in Redlands, Southern California. A lovely little cycling town known for the longest running stage race in America. Needless to say I'm spoiled when it comes to riding conditions, but I do love it when the weather turns a bit nasty.
All the t-shirt designs you see on the shop are a one of a kind creation, you won't see these on other cycling websites. You'll know it's original when you see Maurice, the cycling pigeon. He's named after the winner of the first Tour de France. I chose a pigeon because that's what we (cyclists) look like after a long ass ride, all dazed and confused but with a bit of a smile. All items on the FBV Etsy shop are screen printed by hand, one by one as the orders come in. I take great care in each order and I pride myself in the quality and uniqueness of each item. So wear your FreeBird Velo tees with pride and show your passion for the best sport in the world.

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  1. Got my Tee and my artwork today!! Hearty heart them both... also a cyclist and creative type... love your blog!
    You'll hear from me again sooooon!!