Monday, June 13, 2011

Six Years Is Rubber

I have been married six years this weekend and everybody knows the traditional gift for six years is rubber. Before you start thinking my hubby is like Homer (buying Marge a bowling ball with HIS name on it) stop right there. He got me new tires and I didn't even have to drop hints or anything. I bet he got tired of hearing about my flatting stories. I walked 2.5 miles on Thursday because I left my tube on the coffee table and my patch kit is 10 years old, plus my tube of glue was just air. That really happened. So needless to say he got me the perfect gift. I run over so much debris it's ridiculous. I don't aim for it, it just sort of happens upon my wheel. So I was very happy when they came through the door in my hubby's hands.

I rode these fine pieces of German engineering this morning and instantly fell in love with them. Rolled great, grippy, and they put a smile on my face. One con- heaven forbid I have to fix a flat by myself because they are a bitch to get back on. I shouldn't have to worry about that though, not with these babies.

Now here are some things I like this week.
This looks like something I would draw when I was a kid. I guess that's why I like it.

I don't know about these Embrocation shoe covers. My first reaction is 'ah nasty! those look like neon yellow Fred jackets.' But the more I look at them the more I want a pair. Maybe for fall when the dark and dingy days come back.

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