Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cuddle Time!

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Robot from Red Kite Prayer did his Friday post about absurd predictions for The Tour. His pick to win was Cadel. I don't think that's absurd at all, I always tend to root for him when one of the Schlecks or anyone from Leoperd-Trek for that matter or Garmin-Cervelo is out of the the mix for first.
So maybe he's not my top pick but I really do like Cadel. I like him because he's not afraid to show his cards. Step on his dog- you're gonna get a talkin to or maybe a punch. Win some stripes and little Bilbo Baggins is gonna turn on the water works. Emotion is good, it's human, no need to hide it.

Remember last Tour Andy said he was going to seek revenge on AC. That's good racing, I replayed that interview so many times I had it memorized. Why? Because it's good entertainment, that's why we watch right? Bring on the headbutts and cat fights with wheels. I read in a recent interview that he's NOT going into this year's tour to avenge Little Al. When I read that I must of sounded like a balloon when the air gets let out of it, just deflated. What happened to all his rage? I would think it would of been building up over the year, especially after the positive test. I know I couldn't hold it in, I'd be tweet'n hate mail everyday in broken Spanish to that guy. "Tu asso es mio Cuntador!" I guess we'll find out in a few weeks time if this has just been a ploy or if he really has lost his mojo. I know one thing, he can cut out all that buddy-buddy BS with Al. Cippo was right when he said:

Seeing Schleck and Contador embrace on the Tourmalet after crossing the line and then seeing Contador affectionately pinch Schleck’s cheek during his interview was unreal for me,” Cipollini exclaimed. “Logically, Schleck should have been raging, he had just lost the Tour after all.

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