Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yay! It's Springtime!

Jens giving 'em hell

I love, love, love, Springtime. Fingerless gloves, Easter candy, no need for knee-warmers and your bike stays cleaner longer. And don't forget the tan lines, oh those sexy tan lines. The absolute best thing about Spring though is the official start of racing season. Paul Sherwin and Bobke have been echoing through my house this week and I love it, although I miss Phil Ligget for the Paris Nice coverage. Luckily for the U.S. our 2 major cycling networks are getting their act together and showing what seems like more races than ever.

Phil Ligget has a word for it, 'Plucky'

Paris-Nice has not disappointed me whatsoever. Crashes, breakaways barely making it, Jens Voigt charging, and Thomas De Gendt (Phil Ligget would call him a plucky little rider).

You put what in my poridge?

Tirreno-Adriatico started this week with a TTT, which was won by Rabobank, shocker. And that's not sarcastic either, what they hell did they eat for breakfast? Then Tyler wins the 2cd stage with a little help from Thor, unfortunately I found this out on accident. I found out before I was able to watch the coverage. I wish Cyclingnews and Velonews would give some sort of warning to you before you read the front page. Yeah, I'm a complainer.

Text book Freebird Velo finish

One thing I've noticed and am very proud about is that the boys have read my post about how to cross a finish line. No crotch pointing, phone calls, or profane digit waving. Oh wait, it's because Mark hasn't won this week. Good job boys, I'm proud of you and all your manly displays of dominance.

Textbook French win

Textbook heartfelt win

So I am a happy little rider, sunny weather, clean roads, races to watch, and Reese's eggs to nibble on. What more could you want.

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