Thursday, March 31, 2011

Redlands Bicycle Classic Prologue

The Classic is in town and I love it. It's like being a little kid back in the 40's living in Iowa and the circus just got to town. I have to keep my enthusiasm to a minimum when I see the HTC or Jelly Belly vans driving around town. I think it upsets the hubby when I become a hyper little monkey bouncing in my seat pointing at them.

So down to business, I watched the men's and women's prologue this morning, it was Africa hot, 95-97f. The course is 5k, 680' total climbing, hilly as fcuk, I rode it Tuesday. Fransisco Mancebo( won for men and Amber Neben (HTC) won women's. And my personal favorite, Evelyn Stevens(Nat. TTChamp) was second, 9 seconds behind her teammate.

Brit, Katie Coclough

Kristen Armstrong, back in the saddle.

So Veiny.

New favorite domestic team, Pure Black from New Zealand.
I would not want to be around when he takes those
bad boys off. 95 degrees and leather do not mix.

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