Sunday, March 6, 2011

Early Sunday Ride

Up early on a Sunday morning, I know most people will think I'm crazy but I love mornings, the earlier the better. I was up at 5:30 thanks to the rooster who lives a couple blocks away. Actually it was a good thing because I had to meet my friend for breakfast. Since I was short on time I directed my ride toward the little steep nuggets along the Sunset loop. They range from 6-17% and not too, too long, just long enough to burn your lungs and be thankful you didn't eat breakfast. This is second best to intervals, but I despise intervals.

The first half of my ride included those little nuggets, the middle part was the fun part. Twisty downhill and my new favorite detour off the loop. Turn off Edgemont or Fairmont, depends on which way you take. Fun, fun. It has a little bit of everything; downhill, twisty turny, single lane country road, etc...I wish it was like that for 20 miles.

Last climb home is up a mild 5% for a couple miles. I've seen this sign all week and told myself to take a picture when I was out. Our town has two big events coming up, the Redlands bicycle Classic and Run Through Redlands. I just wonder if the church leaders made this sign for the cyclists and runners to come into their sanctuary as they are. Maybe they want them to know it's okay to click clack around trying to find a place to sit and put your legs up. Maybe it's okay with them if runners breeze around in their questionable tiny loin cloths. Or maybe they think our sports are dragging us from salvation. Who's to say. Evil bikes.

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