Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Ride

Pavé? Nope, crappy asphalt

Woke up Sunday morning totally expecting to get out the door by six and get in a 3 hour ride. Didn't happen. So I had to settle for a 1.5 hour 20 miler. The covers where just a little too toasty and the bedroom window I cracked open the night before had froze open. Needless to say I had little to no motivation to make my way out of bed. The bright side was it was 30 degrees so I got to use my Rapha oversocks. Yep 30 degrees in southern California.
Back to the oversocks, I loved 'em. I have circulation issues so my fingers, toes, ears and nose tend to turn into painful little buggers that make my life hell in cold weather and water. My toes were delightfully comfy but my fingers were numb for the first 45 minutes. Oh yeah, I also had the Rapha merino wool beanie, no complaints whatsoever in the ear department. Once I did make it out the door I did a quick jaunt around the Sunset Loop.
Four weeks until the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Can I reclaim my title at the public races? Will there be more than 2 women in my category? Will the announcers have our names for the race? We will see, stayed tuned.


Meaner then it looks, last hill in the RBC Time Trial

California's Impression of the UK Countryside


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