Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Whatnots

Busy weekend. Unfortunately no riding, my bike was under the weather and I had no desire to ride in 40 degree drizzle or ride the stationary at the gym. I need to invest in a trainer. But alas, look at the 7-day forecast. If you live back east or further on beyond the pond look away. Lets just say I am very thankful for something above 60 degrees. I'm gettin too old for 30 degree rides on wet asphalt giving me what looks like poo-poo shorts.
My bike also became more beautiful and svelte this weekend. Sophia got new shoes (wheels/tires) and a new cassette. I can't even hear her because the freewheel is so quiet. We did have some questions because neither my husband or myself have put on a cassette so we took her down to our LBS to double check I wasn't going to have some sort of catastrophic failure while riding. Walking in I was so proud of her, I expected everyone to fawn over her and tell me how beautiful she was. Nothing, I felt dejected. I still love her.

And finally, I am officially the last cyclist on the planet to own a Moka pot. It was 8:30 Saturday night when my hubby started to play with it so I didn't drink a whole cup. But what I tasted was nummy. We'll see if I can replicate his technique when I make mine in the morning, probably gonna taste like cat piss.


  1. Sophia looks bellisima indeed - all shiny and new (and untainted by rain and 40 degrees). I find that when I bring one of my Bianchi into the lbs they are often in awe so much they cannot say how beautiful it looks (though it can be hard to see past all the dirt).

    Good luck with the coffee.

    PS - East coast Bianchi photo at this link:

  2. Beautiful Sophia with her brand new Campy Shamals!