Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Can't Think of a Title

Spotted at the Track, horse track that is.

Weekend is here and now almost gone. Got some good riding in but not the mileage I was hoping for. I guess there's plenty of time for those back-breaking, cramp-inducing rides that I love to hate, or hate to love I don't know which. I've been wearing my new Rapha gear lately and I believe it helps me ride a little faster. It might be because I want to do it justice. I can hear that English guy from the Rapha Gentleman's Race narrating my rides. "Don't stop, don't stop, okay stop for a moment.."

Did something a bit different yesterday, got to go to Santa Anita and bet on the ponies. Ah, not really, I watched the pretty ponies and wished for my ranch in Colorado. Preferably one near a ski resort with good roads in the spring and summer. I didn't bet because I'm done with gambling after all my crappy Vegas experiences. Money is better spent on other things, like the new Fizik saddle bag I got at Incycle on the way home, thanks hubby. I'm pretty impressed with it. It has a tiny bit more room than the old strap version and it looks clean attached to my Fizik saddle. Another plus, I can see the 3T logo on my seat post. I don't know if it was exposure to ponies or what but I found myself saying 'easy girl' to my bike today. Like when there were riders up ahead, I found myself pedaling at a faster clip, like I was trying to keep up with my bike. Maybe Herbie the Love Bug got reincarnated into my bike. Now that would be a good movie.

Time for business. Freebird Velo has a few new shirts. My favorite is the 'Real women love men with shaved legs' tee. I realize this might be taken the wrong way, by like perverts and such, but if you're in the cycling world you know what it means. A new Spring Classics tee is out too. Enjoy and take a look at my shop on Etsy. RIDE, RIDE, RIDE.

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