Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ladies Special

Liz Hatch has a new video out. If you don't know about her, she is or was the media darling of women's cycling.
Mine don't look like that, WUWT!

I saw the pictures of her in the Maxim magazine dirty coal miner daughter's spread. I used a picture from that issue up above, but took it off the site because too many perverts were checkin it out, so now you get her crowded melons shot.

Thank God for Evie Stevens, an awesome racer with an even more amazing story. Check out for her whole story. Anyways, like the Bike Snob says, Liz is a professional when it comes to promoting herself, even though the video looks like a student project. I can just hear the little nerds now:

Simon: We should put panthers in it, like, big black panthers on bikes chasing her…

Stewart: No way! panthers are gay, we should put, like…..androids. Wait, storm troopers!

Simon: You're such a spazz, how are they gonna peddle, their knees don't have that range of motion.

Stewart: Okay we'll use zombies then. Fast zombies like Zombieland, not slow ones like Shawn of the Dead.

Simon: Been there done that Stew. Skeletons. Yes I said it, is it blowin your mind yet?

Stewart: AWESOME! They totally have a full range of motion for pedaling! Let's put em on Trek Hybrids.

Simon: We'll work on that tomorrow.

So now you know who produced this amazing video. Answers a lot of questions. And now for something completely different. I made my first latte this morning. It was equivalent to the ones I get at Panera, which means drinkable and semi-enjoyable and gets the job done. It's a 100% better than when I tried to use the french press.

This ones for my hubby, he missed Piper Peribo on the news this morning. I think she looks like a stewardess for Air Japan. I don't think that's a real airline.

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