Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ya Shoulda Took Wiggo!!

Oh Wiggo, it's just the first stage of the Tour de France and we miss you already.
I've kept this bottled up long enough but I have to let you all know,
I don't really like Team SKY.

I am glad I got to see him at the Tour of California, and I'm
sure he appreciated me yelling "GO WIGGO!!" directly at his ear from
10 inches away. 

I mean, how cool is this, Wiggo and his son at the end of the Tour in 2012.

This is just too much! Flanked by Beckham and a royal.

Okay, I'm going to say this once and I will never say another word.
Team SKY is retarded, Wiggins said he would work for Froome, no problem.
Wiggins is fit, he won the Tour of CA, got top 10 at Roubaix, and just won the national TT title. 
He's a huge British cycling figure, the Tour starts in the UK, 
SKY is a British team, Rapha is a British company. It just doesn't make sense.
With all this anger bubbling around I had to do what I always do, make a tee:

Get your angry Wiggo tee here!

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  1. they shoulda and now Froome has abandoned...