Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Tees For May

It's new tee shirt time on the FreeBird Velo Shop! Got something for everyone this time. Up here, on top, we have Fausto Coppi looking resplendent in Giro pink. 'Grazi Fausto.' Doesn't seem like you could ever thank him enough for what he's done in cycling. All the dreams he's sparked, the courage he's created, and maybe inspiring us when choosing what color and/or brand bike we ride. Uuuhh-celeste-ah. Say it like a sneeze, it sounds better. 

 What's worse, walking or paperboy'ing up a steep hill. Well, always opt for staying in the saddle, at least when it's safe, sometimes it's too narrow and there's too many obstacles, namely people. I've never seen a pro paperboy but they don't really televise everything do they. You don't know what they're doing those first 80 km.

Saving the best for last, little Tommy tongue wagger, the French Housewives Favorite. He has the most panache in the peloton, he's fun to watch, and he rides his bike the way it's supposed to be ridden. Love him. 

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