Sunday, September 18, 2011

September of My Despair

Oh my, let's just just call the month of September a wash. I'm biding my time until October and then I can feel like I can start all over. Just push the restart button and reboot. I've become quite good at that. If you read last post which was oh, about 5 years ago, I said I was going to set a goal. 500 miles in the saddle for the month of September. Well, I was good until September 3rd. I'm not making excuses for myself but I got 2 nasty viruses in a row. First was GI related then my sinuses got in on the fun a couple weeks later. I think I rode a total of 6 days this month. Let's hope October is nicer to my immune system. I am not making any claims to riding such and such amount of miles, that stuff stays in my head until I finish the goal. So wish me luck, and good luck to you and your rides this Fall.

There was one big positive thing to come out of this month: my birthday, YES! I received a very big, unexpected gift the day after my birthday (see above photo). As you can see, the Birthday Fairy dropped off a box filled with Campy beauties. Big thank you to my Hubby, who played the part of the Birthday Fairy, but who is in no way fairy-esque. He would be a like a fairy with a 5 'o clock shadow, smoking a cigar, but with wings. I also got some sweet Rapha garb but I'll get into that next time. Well the LBS got everything set up but unfortunately the front derailleur clamp was the wrong size. No bike for a week while waiting for the right size. I could of rode it but I had no idea what trouble I could get myself into with a mix of 10 and 11 speed parts. I wasn't going to risk it.
My first ride was around the parking lot of the LBS. The shifting felt kind of stiff, and I was a little worried. Cut to next morning and our first ride together, BELLISIMA! Halfway through the ride and I finally realize that there really is a difference between high end and entry level parts. I let out a woo-hoo, kissed my fingers and lifted them high into the sky. Did I forget to mention that Sophia lost 1.34 pounds thanks to the change in group set. She is now a sub-eighteen pound ride. We don't mention changing frames in front of her though.
Sophia's rear-end, don't stare, she's a Lady
Replaced what was probably the root of her weight problems

"Well I'll be a Fig Newton!"

Stay tuned: next blog entry will either be about my trip to Vegas, sans-interbike (bastards!). Or my review of Fall season must- haves.

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