Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rapha Karma?

Yes, I made fun of Rapha's Festive 500 by introducing the Half-Assed 250. My idea was kind of serious though, I was gonna do it, I started off good, I did 20 miles on Christmas Eve/day. I was doing good until I started getting sick on Sunday. I made the English God's of fine craftsmanship angry and for that I paid. Although, it was probably the toddler/ petri dishes at my Aunts house on Xmas Eve who were "just starting to catch colds" that did it to me. 'Just starting' usually means contagious and that's why I didn't come within 3 feet of them the whole night. Little buggers must of busted through my force fields when I wasn't paying attention. Right now I may sound like a raving hypochondriac wombat but this is nothing if my cold gets any worse. I also ate too much candy on Christmas day so I felt like poop on the 26th. The candy also probably led to a weakened immunity system. Sadly my planned EPIC Sunday ride did not occur. But it was raining so I kind of felt a little less guilty. So in conclusion, love everyone, don't make fun of them, and ride your frick'n bike. And wash your hands.

On a lighter and more happier note, my dreams have come true. The one after finding Prince Charming. Yes folks I got real wheels. Ones that actually come in a carrying case. Campy Shamals. When I unwrapped the box it looked like a Jared comercial, or whoever does those lame engagement commercials. I felt like a little kid again, my pulse quickened, I stammered, I hugged. Visions flashed in front of me, like blurred too fast to see visions. Maybe I can beat my husband downhill, maybe I can beat him up a hill? Yep, the world is my little oyster on these babies. Unfortunately I have to wait for a new cassette before I put them on. I also got the saddle I've been lusting at for over a year, the Fizik Vesta. So yea, I had a very good Christmas. I'm off to drink my FRS. Best thing to drink when you're sick, swear to Buddha.

I added some of my favorite cyclocross videos cause they make me happy when I'm sick. Kind of like watching Golden Girls.


  1. Apart from the sickness it sounds like a good xmas. The Shamals are great wheels (I hear from a riding buddy) I look forward to hearing your take on them. They're named after a wind you know.

    Thanks for writing and entertaining and most of all having the sense and passione to ride Bianchi.

    Geoff M (BianchiBoy)

  2. WOW. That is one drunk monkey. Awesome :-)