Friday, May 28, 2010

Well I have one follower, thanks sweetie. I found American Flyers playing on encore. Does anyone else think Sergei is way too beefy to be professional cyclist? And why didn't Rae Dawn Chong get an oscar nod for her performance. Anyways, I got to ride (hill repeats) Thursday, unfortunately I ran a shorty (2 miles) beforehand. Squirrels are funny animals. I tend to think of them as some weird mutation between my siamese cat and a big mouse. I always want to grab em and rub their bellies. I know I'd be severely disappointed, they would sink their rabies laden buckteeth into my wrist or neck. One of those adorable mutant siamese cat/mice ran out in front of me, he had about 2 feet clearance. His buddy must of forgotten his little glasses back at the house cause he jammed out from behind the Marguerite and right under my tire. His tail bore the brunt of the damage. He was squirrel cussing at me like you wouldn't believe, so I yelled back at him. The yard man working on the house in front of where all this was going down must of thought I was some crazy gringa. Rest of the ride was uneventful, like I mentioned it was hill repeat day, short, cute, little hills just waitin for me. I'm a bit of a pus when it comes to descending so I tend to enjoy the ascent more then anything. I like to think of myself as a capretta (italian for little goat). Tomorrow is a short ride, hopefully. I ran again today and I think I saw four eyes, so I pointed at him and gave him some squirrley stink eye.

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