Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Virgin Cycle Blogger, Pop

As I sit here writing my first entry, which I never thought I'd be doing. And no, I'm not doing this because I've watched Julie & Julia one too many times. I feel like I have something to share with a certain percentage of the population, .oo3% hopefully (please no math nerds need to reply, I just thought that percentage looked good).
As you can tell by the title it's a cycling based blog. I chose Freebird because that's the feeling I get when riding. Have you ever been riding along and a hawk or chicken follows you. Well maybe not the chicken, they just stare at you. But I like chickens and they get me excited when I see them. Back to the hawk, they just glide along with you above the road effortlessly. Birds are born with the freedom we pay for and break bones for. Another reason is my mom used to tell me that her only freedom growing up was riding her bike. And the last reason is that it is quite possibly the best song ever written, and the words fit when you ride. Try it next time you go ride, maybe you'll be riding along singing and hear in a deeper louder voice"...and this bird you cannot change..." coming up behind you or across the street. It will be like in the Little Rascals when they give each other the hi-sign before coming into the clubhouse. It's more romantic then the head nod , wave, or heaven forbid nothing at all (that one's for another post).
So, what I'm trying to say is Freebird velo celebrates the romance, adventure, tradition and gossip that goes along with the world of cycling.

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