Sunday, March 18, 2012

Redlands Classic Weekend Sneak Peeky

I've mentioned before on Twitter and I'll say it here: next weekend is my favorite weekend of the year. The Redlands Bicycle Classic is coming to town and that means for a week I get to ride around my local roads along with riders who are thousands of times better than me. But I don't care, I enjoy seeing the shiny bikes, team cars, new kits, and random professionals. I try to keep my enthusiasm to a minimum in front of Hubby because he doesn't understand my sickness and I believe he's embarrassed of my growing nerd love of all things bike.
Your dear author suffering in second place. Due to random illness's and
general malaise I'm passing on the public race and
doing the R.U.F.F. ride, in support of our local dog park.

Keep an eye out on this here blog, Twitter (@freebirdvelo), and my new up and running Tumblr page. I'll start on Thursday with the prologue and continue through the weekend, so look for pictures and whatnot's. Haven't figured it all out yet, I usually just roll with it.

Here's some of my shots from last years race so enjoy!

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